Company Highlights

Arabian Business Magazine, 2014 edition

Ebrahim Al-Neama, Chairman of Al-Neama Holding Group, understands that the Qatari Industry is facing many challenges starting with investors in GCC Countries, to Chinese and Turkish products and ending with international products, calling upon concerned parties to protect the national product.

Al-Neama stated that competitors of the Qatari industry from GCC Countries should invest in Qatar in order to take advantage of the high investment benefits, rather than competing in their own countries leading to unhealthy competition. Qatar is proven to be the best investment destination in the world due to its favorable investment climate and high returns on investment as well the Government’s encouragement of Gulf and Foreign investors.

Al-Neama emphasizes on the fact that Qatar is one of the most sought after investment destinations for investors in the world. It enjoys one of the fastest growing economies in the world recording the highest Gross Domestic Product per capita. Also, Qatar is ranked first among all countries globally in terms of per capita GDP amounting to 146.521 thousand dollars as per the report of the international comparison program issued by the World Bank.

Al-Neama reveals that Qatar is currently building one of the largest commercial shopping centers preparing to cater to the increasing number catering to the increasing to meet the increasing demand number of football supporters and fanatics expected to visit Qatar in the year. The Country is experiencing the biggest boom in terms of construction and infrastructure development projects. Al-Neama concluded by saying: We are lucky to be Qataris.